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Planetary Scavenger Hunt

Blast off on a planetary scavenger hunt!

Let's go on a Planetary Scavenger Hunt!
You will need to gather some facts to answer the questions below.
Compare your data and determine the best answer.
You may print out this page to guide your research.
When you are ready, click to start your hunt.

  1. Mostly people think of the solar system as only the sun and nine planets,
    (now 8 since Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet).
    What else is in our solar system?

  2. Which planet resembles our moon the most?


  3. Which planet is the hottest on average?

    Coldest on average?

  4. Can you tell whether planets are more like rocks or frozen gases by their average density?
    Yes      No      Not Always     

  5. Which planet has the shortest day (Rotation)?

  6. Which planet has the most moons?

Scavenger Hunt Facts
Planet Density Size Temperature Rotation Moons
Pluto (Dwarf Planet)

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