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Full Moon Lore

Sun, Earth and Moon System

Full MoonThe full moon has been blamed for wild happenings and strange behavior among people and animals. There are different names people call the full Moon according to the Farmer's Almanac. As it orbits the Earth, our Moon goes through phases and "Full" is when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.

In April, 2003, the moon was full around the spring equinox. Click below for an explanation of equinox and moonrise times. These two celestial events set the date for the Easter holiday. Because the Earth and Moon are always in motion, the date of Easter changes. The US Naval Observatory has a Date of Easter page that explains this. Find out more about our moon on the Moon Facts page.

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Moon Landings: Apollo Program

NASA Kid's equinox and solstice cycle animation
Space.com Ecliptic page
Moonrise Times for April, 2003

The Nine Planets
More Moon Facts
NASA Planet Facts
NASA Moon Exploration History

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