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Basalt Lava Canyons Dust Devils
Earthquakes Floodplains & Waterfalls Lakes
Mars Pathfinder Sand Dunes Volcanoes
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  1. Where did the Mars Pathfinder land on Mars?

  2. Who was the robot rover named after?

  3. List four types of volcanoes:

  4. What type of volcano are most Cascade volcanoes?

  5. What is a coulee?

  6. What is a boulder left behind by a glacier called?

  7. List four types of sand dunes.

  8. Where were dust devils found on Mars?

  9. The Channeled Scablands are thought to have been carved by giant Ice Age floods.
    Where would the water have come from?

    Volcano Diagram
  10. Label the parts of a volcano on the diagram (right).
    (Ashes and Gases, Crater, Dike, Magma, Sill, Vent)

  11. List three kinds of faults.

  12. What 2 main scales of intensity are used to measure earthquakes?

    Earth Interior Diagram
  13. Label the four main parts on the diagram of the inside of the Earth.

  14. Earthquakes and volcanoes are found mostly where the edges of
    continental plates move and push against each other.
    What is this theory of moving continents called?

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