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Cosmos invites you to play!"Go on a Scavenger Hunt, Check your Knowledge and try other activities. To review or find an answer, pick a topic from the table or select your destination and blast off!"

Scavenger Hunt! Check Your Knowledge Other Activities

A Basalt Lava
B Coulees and Canyons
C Dust Devils
D Earthquakes
E Floodplains & Waterfalls
F Lakes and Lakebeds
G Mars Pathfinder
H Sand Dunes
I Volcanoes

Scavenger Hunt!

Click for Scavenger Hunt!What do you remember about the Kids' Field Trip to Mars? Review the Kid's Field Trip to find items on Martian Geology and Earth Sciences.

Click image or here for the Field Trip to Mars Scavenger Hunt!

Check Your Knowledge

Boggle Your Mind
How many 3 or more letter words can you make from:

  • Volcano?
  • Earthquake
  • Pathfinder
  • Basalt Lava?
  • Floodplain?
Send your list to Cosmos and we will put your words on-line!

Q-1 A geologist has to be careful when identifying patterns and landforms. Erosion, weathering, wind, water, heat and other natural actions can make it hard to determine just what happened thousands of years ago. In the image belowm do you see lap marks from an ancient lake, flood water carved ledges, or wind blown ripples? What else might they be?

Click to find out what caused these lines

What caused the lines etched into this hillside?
Click on the image to find out.

A-1 Answer:
The small ledges are called Terracettes. They are etched by thousands of cattle and other grazing animals as they forage for food. Historical study indicates that these have happened in the last century or so since they were not mentioned by the explorers Lewis and Clark in their journals.

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Q-2 Try to identify landforms on the surface of Mars using orbital, Viking spacecraft photographs. Mars Landform Identification activity from the Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium.

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Other Activities

Pick other areas of Mars to study using the USGS Planetary Data System's Mars Explorer.

Find out more about the geology of our National Parks by taking a Tour of National Parks.

Plan a real trip to Mars at the NASA/California Institute of Technology: The Space Place

Learn more about geology and geologists at the Geological Society of America Home Page.

Click for Mars Exploration Rover missionIn 2003, NASA launched the Mars Exploration Rovers, twin geology-laboratory rovering robots to the surface of Mars, each the size of a desk and capable of traveling up to 110 yards a day from their respective landing sites. Other missions, including landers and orbiting missions, will follow every 26 months. Find out about these rovers, future missions and the Viking, Pathfinder and other missions to Mars.

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