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The Greek Nymph Callisto
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Callisto Jupiter. Callisto (kuh LISS toe) was a nymph (mythical young woman) serving Artemis, daughter of Zeus and brother of Apollo. When Artemis got angry with her one day, Zeus changed her into a bear so she could run away. Artemis was an excellent hunter, however, and killed poor Callisto with an arrow. Some say the Great Bear (Ursa Major) constellation refers to Callisto. Jupiter Facts
Diemos Mars. Greek for dread, panic or fearful, Diemos (DEE muss) was the son of Ares (Mars) and Aphrodite (Venus). He had a brother, Phobos (FOE bus), and a sister, Harmonia (har MOE ni uh). Mars Facts
Europa Jupiter. Europa (yoo ROE puh) was a young woman that was courted by Zeus disguised as a beautiful white bull with jewelled horns. When she got on the bull's back, he plunged into the ocean and swam away with her. Even though her brothers looked for her, she was never seen again. Jupiter Facts
Ganymede Jupiter. Son of the King of Troy in Greece, Ganymede (gan ee MEE dee) was known as the most beautiful youth alive and became the cupbearer who served Zeus and the other gods wine made from honey. Jupiter Facts
Io Jupiter. Io (EYE oh) was a greek moon goddess who was sometimes disguised as a white, red or black cow to avoid being found by other beings. The waxing (growing larger) crescent moon was seen as the horns of a white cow. The red comes from the reddish full harvest moon and the black refers to the waning (getting smaller) crescent moon. Jupiter Facts
Moon (Luna) Earth. Many groups saw images of animals, faces and objects in the light and dark areas of the moon. Monday honors the moon. Moon Facts
Phobos Mars. Greek for fear. Phobos (FOE bos) was the son of Ares (Mars) and Aphrodite (Venus). He had a brother, Diemos (DEE muss), and a sister, Harmonia (har MOE ni uh). Mars Facts
Titan Saturn. Greek name for the some of the children of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky). Saturn Facts


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